Case studies

Large Utility

Stochastic analysis of intermittency impact

We were engaged to analyse the evolution of price & load factor distributions in the UK power market as intermittent output rises to 2040.

Sovereign Wealth Fund

LNG vs European gas market interaction

Our client has substantial portfolio exposure to LNG & European gas markets and engaged us to analyse market interactions.

Private Equity Fund

NW European power market evolution

We were engaged to undertake a detailed analysis of the evolution of German, French, Benelux & UK power markets & policy frameworks.

Midstream Utility

Seasonal gas price spreads & volatility

We were engaged to analyse the evolution of the European gas supply flexibility balance, seasonal prices spreads & spot price volatility dynamics.

Infrastructure Fund

Evolution of regional LNG pricing dynamics

Our client was assessing substantial LNG supply chain investments and engaged us to analyse the evolution of Asian vs Atlantic price dynamics.

Private Equity Fund

Integrated gas & power market evolution

Our client was bidding on multiple portfolios of flexible power assets and needed detailed analysis of European gas & power market interdependencies.