The Timera Blog is about to evolve

We have been publishing a weekly blog for 6 years now. Our regular readership has grown to more than 15,000 and the blog has evolved into one of the industry’s leading sources of views and analysis on the LNG and European gas & power markets.

The blog has been developed based on several key principles:

  1. Opinion: Publishing clear views based on our practical experience working in the energy industry
  2. Analysis: Supporting those views with thorough and transparent analysis
  3. Challenge: Aiming to challenge industry consensus where our views differ
  4. Independence: Ensuring objectivity and a clear separation from our client work
  5. Transparency: Maintaining an archive of all articles, whether our views prove to be accurate or otherwise

These principles remain core to the evolution of the blog.  But the time has come to grow and evolve.

So what’s new?

We will continue to publish our regular weekly analytical articles. But we are launching a new blog page after we return from a summer break.  A preview of the page can be seen below.

As well as providing access to the current and recent weekly articles (via the top panel shown in the picture), the blog page will have two new content columns.

Timera Angle column

The left hand ‘Timera Angle’ column will provide you with shorter, sharper written content than our regular blog articles.  A starter to compliment the main course.

Our focus here is the efficient delivery of views and opinions, backed by relevant facts and data.  Where it makes sense, we will also provide links to other useful sources of information (e.g. presentations, briefing papers, articles, data sources).

In terms of content our, aim is to keep a practical commercial focus. To provide you with information and views on investment, value management and markets that has a tangible application.

An example of ‘Timera Angle’ content is shown below.

Timera Snapshot column

The right hand ‘Timera Snapshot’ column is focused on fast dissemination of information using visual content e.g. charts and tables. You can digest the key messages from these ‘Snapshots’ in seconds.  If the material is relevant then you can examine the information provided in the charts/tables in greater detail via a pop out graphic.

As Timera has evolved we have developed large databases of market and commercial information.  We also have a range of analytical tools and models that draw on this data to provide us with a ‘dashboard’ view of the evolution of markets, asset value drivers and risks.  This generates a rich source of information that we intend to share via this column.

An example of ‘Timera Snapshot’ content is shown below.

Mining the archive

One of the weaknesses of our blog to date has been the categorisation and tagging of articles and the ability to search previous published content via the blog archive.  This is a shame given many of our blog articles contain information, analysis and charts that have a relatively long shelf life. We are addressing this by building a new Blog Archive page with enhanced search functionality.

Firstly we are re-categorising and re-tagging all our articles using a cleaner structure of keywords.  The new Blog Archive page will then allow you to bring up a list of articles by filtering with a specific chosen set of keywords.  Alternatively you can choose your own keywords by typing into a blog search box.

Expanding team, expanding content

Timera as a company is also evolving and growing. Our core focus is still Europe, but this is extending to a global reach, particularly due to our expanding presence in the LNG market.  This is reflected in the fact that a growing proportion of our clients are Asian and North American companies.

Our team is also expanding.  But the common theme across our team members is still senior ex-industry experience, in order to maintain our delivery of practical commercial advice.  As our blog content evolves, we intend to draw on wider input across our growing team to improve the depth and breadth of the views and analysis we publish.

This will be the last article before a summer break.  In the meantime we will be working to implement the changes described above. The blog will be launched in its new format in late August.  We will also be distributing content using Twitter and Linkedin.

Until then, we thank you all for your continued interest in the blog and wish you a relaxing summer break.