Timera client work H1 2021

A round up of interesting Timera client work from H1 2021:


  • LNG Bridge: Our LNG Bridge model is quickly evolving into a market leading solution for LNG portfolio valuation & optimisation. We continue to implement & develop the model across a range of large LNG players including oil & gas majors, producers, utilities and portfolio players.
  • Batteries: Momentum behind our battery investment work has continued into 2021. While 2020 work was mostly UK focused, this has broadened out in 2021 to include Italy, Spain and NW Europe. Colocated battery projects in Southern Europe has been the biggest growth area.
  • Transactions: We have supported four large power asset portfolio transactions so far this year. These have covered commercial due diligence support for acquisition of thermal, hydro, wind & solar assets, as well as market analysis and stochastic asset valuation.
  • Market access & trading: Route to market & trading services are becoming increasingly important as funds acquire power portfolios. We have been advising several companies on structuring & negotiation of route to market & trading services, covering CCGT, battery hydro and wind assets.
  • Hydrogen: We are now deep into analysis of electrolyser investment economics. This has seen a big step forward in our hydrogen modelling tool kit which we are enhancing as we support clients deploy capital into live projects.
  • Midstream gas: Our midstream gas work with clients has been focused on the impact of changing Russian & LNG flow patterns on the value of pipeline & storage assets. We are also seeing a sharp increase in focus on midstream asset flex value & utilisation as decarbonisation ramps up into the 2030s.

The common theme across all of this work is the flexibility required to decarbonise energy markets.