Introducing LNG Bridge

Our LNG Bridge model continues to gain traction as an industry leading solution for LNG portfolio analysis. Our client base includes:

  1. Oil & gas major: Implementation as global portfolio valuation modelling solution to support value growth.
  2. Portfolio player: Commercial & risk team implementation to analyse value & risk of existing LNG portfolio & new deals.
  3. Large producer: Implementation as global portfolio solution e.g. to analyse spot vs SPA sales strategy & sizing of vessel capacity.
  4. Utility: Used to support valuation of large LNG portfolio to support binding bid.
  5. Trader: Supported valuation for acquisition of portfolio of European regas & SPA contracts.

We have just released an Introduction to LNG Bridge if you are interested in finding out more. You can also see Bridge at work analysing the value of a flexible LNG contract in a recent blog article.